Sunday, February 24, 2013

Changing Paths- For those who don't get our newsletter or facebook posts

Sadly we are sharing with you, our supporters, that we feel it is not in God’s will & timing that we go to the foreign mission field as a family in the near future. As missionaries we willingly agreed to a financial policy which in a nutshell reads “We make no appeals for funds.” We’ve never made our need a focal point of our ministry presentations because we believe that God will move upon hearts to support us independent of our asking. In light of this, we must admit that since He hasn’t so moved over the course of six years, it appears not to be in His will that we should go right now.
We are not quite ready to decide upon meaningful next steps, but we intend to stay as involved with TACO as we have been. We will talk to leadership at our missions agency in the next few weeks about what our technical relationship with them will be; but they will remain in our affections!
We know that missions is a good thing and that TACO is a good thing. We even believe that we are a good thing; as much as any person is any good before God; our marriage is good, kids are good, and our relationship with our church is good. All of these things are very good. It a mystery to us that these things don't come together in the way that we had hoped. But after six years, and especially this past summer of working ardently to raise support to go to the field where we felt we could best use our gifts and talents, we find ourselves no closer. In addition, the nomadic and flexible lifestyle we have lived has begun to wear on us. Our savings safety net is dangerously depleted. Our children have sacrificed friendships as well as material needs and wants. We, Todd and Tricia, separately found ourselves ready to find regular employment for some time.
Although we don’t regret the choices we made over the last few years, we feel grief over the loss, at least temporarily, of this dream, which have nurtured since before we were married.
If you have given to us financially we are so grateful for your support and encouragement. Thank you for investing in this ministry! You have been a great blessing to us with your prayers as well. We hope that you will continue to support the work as the Lord leads and as we are able to participate in events.
Please continue to be in prayer for our family as we reconsider and wait for direction . We want to continue to honor God with the challenging decisions we have to make.