Monday, November 14, 2011

Recap- Party #1

The first party as both hostess and consultant worked out great!  I had an interesting people from all the paths of my life:  friends, neighbors, relatives, and homeschool moms who live nearby.  My best friend Jamie came up from Albany and brought along her sister-in-law.  I think I had ten guests here, but also had several orders from friends at church, neighbors and more moms who couldn't come on a Thursday night.

The biggest hitch to the party was probably that I couldn't find an great place to stand in my living room, because it is long and narrow.  From the best place to be seen by all, I wouldn't have any place to put my materials within easy reach.

The party proceeded through the Five Senses tasting, and then I served the mousse I had made with the Swiss Bittersweet.  It was delicious and so velvety!  Daughter #2 gave us a generous helping of whipped cream with it, and since I had a lot of people, I served it in little cups and got 24 samples out of a recipe that should make 8-10 servings.  Soooo good.   Then we proceeded with the truffle samples, guided by the catalog page.  The most popular truffles that evening were coffee and dark orange.

Because this was my first party, I was both the hostess and the consultant.  I thought it would be double-dipping to take the prizes as the hostess, but my supervisor assured me that the generous rewards were for me!   I got the promised snowman truffles & Lindt Bears, as well as a nice credit and some half-price items that I used to order more supplies for future parties, like more coffee truffles & some dark peppermint!  I am excitedly stalking my order on-line (the label has been printed), and waiting for it to arrive.  My husband is stalking the the leftover samples and complaining about not getting any (because I need them for another party this Friday).

When I began this adventure, I realized I had some serious Fear of Failure issues.  All I wanted was to make back my investment and not crash and burn, having wasted the money.  I am happy to say that I made my money back at my first party!  So from here on, although I have to order supplies and things, I am making a profit.  I have more events booked, and many more leads to follow up on, some sort of surprising!  Now I fear that I won't be able to keep up with it!  I know that business may not always be quite this good~ I am riding a wave of holiday gifting, etc., but I for now, it's going to be great.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First Chocolate Party

Tomorrow is my first Lindt Chocolate Party.  I have invited friends, family, neighbors and moms from co-op.  I've asked them to bring friends, and I've sent reminders.  I have three orders already!
I picked out a chocolate mousse recipe to serve at the party, and my sweet hubby loaded our digital picture frame with a slide show of pictures of Lindt Chocolate- what better way for a techie to show his support!  He also mopped the kitchen floor.

Tomorrow I will clean some more, cook the mousse first thing in the day, and review all my materials so that I can look and sound like I know what I am doing.  I am very excited about this project; it is a new and different kind of home business/party format- the most common response I get is, "There are chocolate parties?"
I do have another party booked for next week.  Response is positive.  And I have resisted the urge to munch on my samples for an entire week...ok, I did eat one, but that was to find out what it was.  It was research, really.

If you happen to be curious about the catalog or becoming a consultant, there is a link in the right side sidebar to take you to my Lindt site.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

TOG Year 2 Unit 1 Celebration

This week we celebrated the end of Unit 1 of our second year of Tapestry of Grace with a Medieval Feast.  The feast was attended by the queen's mother, a jester, a couple of peasants, and a noble from a neighboring country.  A knight recently returned from the holy land regaled the guests with tales of his travels, and the princesses of the court were basically in charge of the facilities and proceedings.  Somehow, the appearance of the king and queen were not recorded.  
The Royal Menu:  Cider, Mead, Rose Petal Bread, Cabbage Stew, a variety of cheeses and leafy greens, pheasant (fried chicken from the deli at Hannaford) and Boar's head (canned ham).

After the meal, festivities adjourned outdoors for an archery demonstration and a joust.  One of the princesses converted to a Joan of Arc, and the other to a Viking warrior (you may notice it's Astrid from How to Train your Dragon- I found the costume at an Impact Thrift Store on our recent trip to PA and didn't realize what it was.)  It did the job though!  

 We played some games, the names of which I do not recall, and then came back inside to play Medieval Games on the Wii (it was chilly out after all).